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#suspensoalRACISMO (Fail Racism) is a social media campaign designed to bring greater visibility to the problem of racist bullying in the classroom..

The campaign was launched by civil society groups in support of all students who have suffered #racism and #bullying, and in particular to champion the cause of Camila—a girl of African descent from Madrid who suffered racist abuse at school—in a case heard by the courts on 8 October 2019.

For her own psychological and physical wellbeing, Camila's family were forced to move her to another school. They successfully sued the Community of Madrid, which was ultimately responsible for the running the state school she attended. The court found the authorities to be in breach of their duty of care and to have committed irregularities in applying protocols intended to prevent school and workplace bullying.

Such situations are rife in the educational community. However, given the failure by schools to apply existing protocols and to train teaching staff to combat #racism and #bullying, the great majority of victims of this blight on society opt to move their children to other centres.

Thanks from Petra Ferreyra,

I am sending this message to thank all the different individuals and organisations who have supported us in so many ways during this long and difficult process. As parents and as a family, yesterday was a very hard day for us, but we believe we faced it with maturity. We hope that Camila's terrible experience will help turn an objective spotlight on the problems of institutional racism and bullying that are spreading their tentacles through the education system of this diverse and multiracial society. As a result, today many, many children and their families—in Spain and elsewhere—are suffering unjustly.

If we do not act fast—as institutions, pro-diversity groups and families—to defend our children's rights, the problem will only get worse, given that tomorrow's society will be more multiracial and more diverse than today’s as a result of the economic, climate, social and political crisis and the many conflicts facing the world today.

For all of these reasons, our campaign, #suspensoalRACISMO will continue to work unwaveringly, organising a series of actions about which we let you know in due time. We invite citizens and institutions to join us and play an active part in our cause.

We would like to thank the media for their respect and professionalism and for the extensive coverage they have given our cause; the Ukuaji Association; our colleagues and collaborators in launching the #suspensoalRACISMO campaign: DT Creativos for their help with image and communication on social media and in designing the graphics; the Madrid Association against School Bullying for the marvellous work they are doing for families like us who come to them without any protection … and to our lawyer Pedro Manuel González for his matchless work. We are also enormously grateful for the huge response we have received on social media from every corner and region of this diverse and multiracial country of Spain, and further afield—from Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, India, Italy and the United Kingdom—and for the many other citizens of the world who are voicing their concern and solidarity for the future of our children… the list of people we would like to thank is endless.

Now we must allow the courts to rule on our case; we will make no further statements in this regard.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Petra Ferreyra

Help us to spread the word!

suspenso al racismo

As adult citizens with a conscience, who believe in universal human rights and the rights of children and who feel a responsibility for their future, we call on the courts to hand down an exemplary and precedent-setting judgement in the case of Camila. For the sake of the thousands of children enduring the same hell as Camila in classrooms today, we want this to be more than just A TRIAL; we want it to be the TRIAL OF ALL TRIALS .

So what we want you to do is to get out a notebook and pen and write the hashtag #suspensoalRACISMO (#failRACISM), then take a photo, write a message or record a video and share your experiences of #bullying and #racism with the whole world over social media, mentioning our own cause.

Share your experiences, because #IDoSeeIt (#YoSiLoVEO)… We do see the bullying and racism in the classroom and we will no longer ignore it in silence!